I’m Barkle.

If you own a Peloton Bike, Tread or Row, I’ll boost your workouts with fun challenges, races and competitions.

We’re going to have so much fun!


Push yourself and put the pedal to the metal by joining our innovative challenges. Join on your own or get a group together. Are you up for it?

You will feel VICTORIOUS after every challenge.

At Barkle, we've got a bunch of cool features that were created with the help of a super engaged community of Peloton users. With our tools, you can analyze your data and even use some advanced stuff to up your performance game.

We’ve pioneered the concept of racing on Peloton bikes through thrilling competitions such as the Rider Cup, Battle of the Generations, Couples Chaos, and the Relays. Our platform is open to everyone, regardless of athletic ability.

Riding with Barkle is amazing! Not only are the challenges fun and exciting, but connecting with folks around the world, especially in the UK, has been amazing! ❤️


A tribe’s best friend.

We believe that building a strong community is essential. That's why we're constantly adding new features to our tribe management system, which makes it more exciting and encourages everyone to participate.

The Barkle story.

Hey there! I used to struggle with being overweight and feeling stressed out, and my Peloton bike was collecting dust. But then I stumbled upon the British Bulldogs, a group of Peloton riders based in the UK, and they were AMAZING. They were super supportive and encouraging, and they helped me fall in love with my bike all over again. Before I knew it, I was riding an average of 10 miles a day!

And the Bulldogs were just the beginning. I also found other groups like the Lionesses, Unbreakable Links, MMM, Bonkers, Kilted Riders, and more. All of these groups were so welcoming and supportive, and they really helped me improve my health and energy levels.

As a product designer, I knew I had to give back to this awesome community. So in 2020, I created Barkle, a tool that's been used by thousands of Peloton owners. I hope it's been helpful to others like me who have found so much joy and support in the Peloton community!